Writing a good photography blog

Knowing where your visitors come from, and how they interact with your site is super valuable. You have a bazillion options!

10 Tips to Write a Killer Photographer “About Me” Page

Google likes to show results that are both fresh and of the highest quality. So how does a blog help to increase your reach? I read almost every comment on this site and follow the links to your sites.

Many people scan blog posts rather than pore over every word, and interspersing images throughout the copy will make your post seem less intimidating and more visually appealing. Your personal brand is what will make you unique. Here are five easy ways to write a great introduction.

10 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Photo Blog Overnight

Attending a Race for the Cure fundraiser? But if you get past its horribly early s look, you will be treated to vast amounts of knowledge about lighting. He constantly updates his site with amazing photos from around the world: This matters a LOT, so do it now, even if you already have started a blog.

It is without a doubt that we can say Andy Adams is one of the leading voices in contemporary photography today and is definitely someone we should all be paying attention to.

Have a look at the beautiful video by Wix photographer Tony Salvagio. Also, when they learn new things on your site, they will see you as someone who knows their stuff. I am saying, however, that even the best blog posts could always be better, but time is always against us.

The biggest problem when recommending The Strobist is that the site, which is made through blogspotappears to be the most dated on this list.

Images Make Great Visual Punchlines Everyone likes a good laugh, and a well-chosen image can help lighten the tone of your posts and inject some much-needed humor into a piece. And, of course, it lets them see your latest and greatest work! Avoid Repetition Few things are more jarring to read than repetition of certain words or phrases.

This is things like what city you are located in, details of what type of photography services you offer, prices or price ranges, clear contact information, testimonials of why you rock and a call to action ie.

18 Great Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading

Having seen hundreds thousands? Well, a website is something that generally has static content — pages like About Us, Services, Gallery, Contact and so on.There was a time when a blog without photos was acceptable if the writing was good enough.

Today, in a time of Instagram, Pinterest and rampant photo sharing, you need to be taking pictures for your blog.

The Secrets of Successful Photography Blogging: How To Make It Worth Your Time

Virtually every blogging platform makes it easy to upload and share photos on your site. Blogs are a great way to keep everyone in a family abreast of the latest family news without running up the phone bill — you can simply read back over important updates to find out the latest news.

10 Tips to Write a Killer Photographer “About Me” Page. Who knows you like nobody else does? Who plays a discreet, yet decisive role in your photography career? Make it look good. Join the Wix Photography Blog and never miss an update! Hmmm, that's not a valid email address.

10 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Photo Blog Overnight

Email already exists. Hmmm, that's not a valid email. This very simple blog contains some vital gems for photography.

Damien has made a real name for himself on the internet through his blog, twitter and his writing at the very popular ltgov2018.com He writes very regularly there and you can find his posts here. Apache/ (Ubuntu) Server at ltgov2018.com Port 2) Contest criteria: In order to be considered, a blog needed to be a writing blog.

In order to qualify, at least 5 out of the 10 posts written prior 22 November (when the call for nominations went out) needed to be about writing and not not about freelancing, business, publishing, etc.

Writing a good photography blog
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