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Hatfill sued him and the Times for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. His words to National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger included "People have gotta be put to the torch for this sort of thing Arthur Sulzberger routinely wrote memos to his editor, each containing suggestions, instructions, complaints, and orders.

Wen Ho Lee who was falsely accused of espionage. It also included a statement from Facebook that said "It is wrong to suggest that we have ever asked Definers to pay for or write articles on Facebook's behalf, or communicate anything untrue.

But its high moral tone was no asset in the heated competition of other papers for readers in New York City. While we've continuously heard from Facebook about its shifting response to issues like Russian-sourced pages and posts of misinformation, it has not yet responded to this report -- which the NYT said it based on interviews with more than 50 people -- to confirm or deny details.

How will Cuomo keep his Albany promise until ?

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The inserts consist of local news, policy, sports, and culture pieces, usually supported by local advertisements. Other details range from the bizarre -- apparently Facebook needed pollsters to determine that Zuck's testimony on Capitol Hill came off as robotic -- to deeply unsettling.

She wrote, "In the beginning I was charged not to reveal the fact that a female had been hired". Some sections, such as Metro, are only found in the editions of the paper distributed in the New York—New Jersey—Connecticut Tri-state area and not in the national or Washington, D.

Weiss and Bret Stephens have provoked intense ire in me. I do wish they had a permanent right-leaning opinion writer, it would make the paper that much better! Inthe newspaper started a western division, The Times of California, which arrived whenever a mail boat from New York docked in California.

Johnson had been promising not to expand the war. Soon thereafter it began—like many industry publications—to struggle to redefine its role in the face of free Internet content.

Its printed weekday circulation dropped by 50 percent tocopies from to On " Newspaper Row ", across from City HallHenry Raymond stopped the rioters with Gatling gunsearly machine guns, one of which he manned himself. Of course, the opinion pieces are typically leftist or left-leaning, I read them too for more In fact, he would have done it already.

Her imagery was strong enough to revolt you. United StatesU. One of the earliest public controversies it was involved with was the Mortara Affairthe subject of twenty editorials in the Times alone. Simple, extremely well-curated, outstanding content Mar 21, seancoady This is the app I spend the most time with, hands down.

We do not believe that everything in Society is either exactly right or exactly wrong;—what is good we desire to preserve and improve;—what is evil, to exterminate, or reform.Ryan Collerd for The New York Times Jim Brozina read aloud to his daughter for 3, straight days, until she left for college.

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