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But at the same clip, the benefits that had been allocated from the retail merchants are much more than presenting the merchandises and the services to the clients, alternatively the retail merchant had provided several virtues for all of the national and international organisation, persons, and authoritiess.

Along with political factor, economic factor is also key in determining the marketing strategy for the company.

This is the corporate strategy of the company. These surveies indicate the public-service corporation of specialised and traditional shops for fresh merchandises, while of the shop.

Another interesting insight is the emergence of E-commerce with the evolution of smartphones and internet literacy especially after the revolution. Self-serve supermarkets are a more recent phenomenon in India.

Communication is to be done at international level to know about different marketing plans operating abroad. The altering retail construction has provided the consumers with more options in the signifier of formats and services such as less travel clip, big assortment of merchandises and quality merchandises etc, as observed by Popkowski et al Imagine if there is no government, people may not know what they are doing.

Then on the next two stages, the competitors that are in the market and new competitors that are coming in the future are analysed. The research workers suggested an indicant of the fact that India investings had been confronting a rise of about 20 per centum in the last old ages IIlm, What is missing is a clear connection to Indian realities.

Environmental issues are also considered as very important factors. Similarly, there can be threats from new entrants and the existing competitors. Burberry customers which are usually high profile will hesitate to go back to the store and the Primark customer which are usually price-sensitive assumes that the price has gone up which they cannot afford.

The marketing department of the company will suggest the management of the company not to merge the two companies but operate separate brands using centralized Administrative services.

There is a strong lobby of small traders that has been vocal on the issue of not permitting FDI into retail. Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of individual units are identified at this level and decisions are made.

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A important advantage for organized retail merchants relates besides to monetary values. Literature reappraisal Retailing is considered to be one of the ancient selling procedures in the history Jon H.

Key success factors for a display are: There are other intermediaries like agents who help to link the company with suppliers and customers.

Although mom-and-pop shops outside India have no easy entree to these low-priced manufacturers, unorganised retail merchants can purchase from the same or similar beginnings, perchance through representative co-ops like Bhartiya.

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Market Segmentation is a process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behaviour that might require separate products or marketing programs Kotler and Armstrong, It is one of the major retailers in India with 13 stores across the country out of which 5 are operational in Mumbai.

It guides a particular direction for the company in which it should be guided. Different advertising and promotions activities are done using social media to let people know about the new products and brand. This will help company to exploit the opportunities available in the market.

As discussed earlier, corporate strategy is focused more on profitability. It includes creating structure for the organization, reducing the debt and gearing ratio of the organisation and improving the balance sheet of the company.Is Government Necessary?

Essay Sample. The government plays an important role in the country.

It relates the success and failure of a country. Every society has a limit on people’s freedom in order to keep the country constantly and peacefully.

We can define formally the distribution channels as the set of interdependent marketing institutions participating in the marketing activities involved in the movement the flow of goods or services from the primary producers to ultimate consumers.

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Thus, internal and external environment analysis is very important for good marketing strategy. ACTIVITY 3. To: The Manager, Millie's Cookies. From: ABC Marketing Solutions.

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Subject: Strategic Marketing Analysis of Millie's Cookies. Date: 24 February INTRODUCTION. We are very happy to develop a marketing strategy for Millie`s Cookies.

Is Retailing Really Necessary In A Country Marketing Essay The retailer is considered to be the intermediate between the wholesaler or the producer and the customer.

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But at the same time, the benefits that. Marketing has been criticized because it “makes people buy things they don’t really need.” Refute or support this accusation.

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Refute or support this accusation. The most basic concept underlying marketing is that of human needs. Is Retailing Really Necessary In A Country Marketing Essay. The retail merchant is considered to be the intermediate between the jobber or the manufacturer and the client.

Is retailing really necessary in a country marketing essay
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